Warranty on a Metal Roof

Our Metal Roof Warranty

How Long Will Your Metal Roof Last?

At Canada’s Roofer, we stand behind our metal roofs 100%. That’s why we offer a Lifetime Non Pro-Rated warranty on our metal roofs.

Non Pro-Rated means that you will not have to cover any costs for replacement or repair for your metal roof. We offered it for life, because we have built a product that is above industry standards and want you to never think about roofing every again. Other companies are often seen offering 10, 25 or even 50 year limited warranties, but we offer one that cannot be matched by our competitors.

What Should You Know About Your Metal Roof Warranty?

Like any purchase that has a warranty, do your due diligence to find a metal roof with one that fits best with your needs. Find out exactly what a company’s metal roof warranty covers, and for how long. Many metal roofers will advertise that their roof will survive for up to 50 years, but will only offer 25 year warranties. Make sure you have coverage so you’ll never have to worry about your roof again.

Beware The Fine Print

Even if you find a company that has a great sounding warranty, make sure you read the fine print on it. The company may offer a 50 year metal roof warranty, or even a lifetime warranty, but theirs might be prorated. This means that over the course of your warranty, the value of it will drop as the years go by. At Canada’s Roofer, ours is Non Pro-Rated, meaning the value of our metal roof warranty won’t decrease over the years.

Ask The Right Questions About Metal Roofs!

Whenever you contact a roofing company, there are a few things you should ask them about their warranties:

  • What exactly are your warranties?
  • Do I need to do anything to maintain it?
  • Have you ever had any issues with them?
  • What is the process to file a claim?

Why Is A Warranty So Important?

When you’re investing in a metal roof, you’re planning on it being the last roof you will ever need. But life happens, and sometimes things happen that are out of your control that may affect your roof. So when you’re investing in a metal roof, you want peace of mind that if something happens to it, you won’t have to worry about a cost in fixing it. We have so many things to worry about in life, your roof shouldn’t be one of them.

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