Adding Solar Panels to a Metal Roof

With rising energy costs and a general push for more “green” forms of energy, rooftop solar panels are on the rise in residential neighbourhoods around the world. Not only does solar power generate free, renewable energy for your home, in some places, you can actually sell excess power back to the grid for a small profit. But when it comes to solar panels and metal roofing, there are certain considerations to be made, and advantages to consider. After all, adding solar panels to a metal roof can actually help you save even more money over time.

One of the major considerations that occur when people are installing solar panels is the roofing material that will rest under and around the panels. Since most solar panels have a life expectancy of roughly 20-25 years, the roofing material needs to be able to last that long as well. This is why adding solar panels to a metal roof is a great idea. Metal roofing, known for its long-lasting durability, is one of only a select few roofing materials that can actually outlast the solar panels. So unlike asphalt shingles, which can degrade and even fall off under a solar panel, a metal roof is the ideal mounting place for solar panels.

Adding solar panels to a metal roof can actually help the roof as well since the shading they provide will help your metal roof deflect the sun’s energy. Modern metal roofing does not have the heat concerns of materials in the past thanks to leaps forward in the technology. Today, they reflect the vast amount of energy coming from the sun back out into the atmosphere. Solar panels soak up that energy instead and help shield your home from solar energy. In the seasons where the sun is at its most powerful, you could notice a difference in your home’s cooling costs, especially if your home is properly insulated.

Depending on the type of roof you have, adding solar panels to a metal roof will require different installation strategies. One of the most popular ways is called “strip and go,” wherein the metal roofing is removed to install the solar panels and then refastened to ensure a waterproof seam. This process is often the most popular with standing seam metal roofs since the added height of the seams helps keep your home protected from the sun and rain.

Other methods include installing the solar panels right on top of the roof. This method is the most cost effective, especially since metal roofing can help anchor the panels, but requires a professional appraisal to ensure it is the safest, most effective method for installing solar panels.

If you are considering adding solar panels to a metal roof, be sure to call a qualified and professional metal roofing contractor with experience installing solar panels. Depending on your roofing, solar panels will have to be installed in certain ways as to maximize their benefit and minimize their impact. Without using roofing experts, your brand new solar panel system could suffer from inefficiencies that impact its performance. But with the right installation, you could become energy independent all thanks to solar panels and your metal roof.

Adding solar panels to a metal roof comes with a number of benefits for your home. Not only do the solar panels themselves help you generate your own power and reduce your dependence on the grid, you can actually sell excess power back to that same grid. Solar panelling offers you a green alternative for power and can actually help your metal roof keep your home insulated and efficient.

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