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Slate Shingles

Our Slate Shingles give you the look of traditional stone tiles, without the heavy weight strain on your home. Recreate the look of old rustic homes without having to worry about the maintenance.

Eventually repairing or replacing the roof is a reality homeowners with a traditional roof such as wood shingles or asphalt shingles need to face. This is not the case with our premium metal slate shingles. You get lifetime performance with Canada’s Roofer slate shingles. Our Four-Way Interlock System is a unique fastening system that interlocks on all four sides of the shingle keeping each shingle in place for a watertight, wind-resistant performance. Our slate shingles are resistant to fire, hail, and water so they do not burn, rust, or corrode, and metal roofs shed snow and ice. Canada’s Roofer metal roofing products are made from galvanized steel and painted with a high-performance Kynar paint finish that is guaranteed against fading and chalking.

Our slate shingle product is engineered to the highest standards of quality and performance, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence. With Canada’s Roofer metal slate shingles, you not only get the high performance and durability you need, but also the natural beauty of the rustic look of stone. Our slate shingles are available in different colors and stains. Routine maintenance and shingle replacement is not required. In addition, Canada’s Roofer slate shingle system comes complete with a Lifetime Pro-Rated Warranty.

Our metal slate shingle system is easy to install, because it is lightweight, it can be installed over existing roofing material saving time and money. We have our own exclusive installation division with a team of professional, trained and experienced installers committed to quality service. When you install a Canada’s Roofer slate shingle roof, you will never have to buy another roof again for your home.

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