Metal vs Clay Tiles

Metal Shingles vs Clay Tiles

Metal Shingles vs Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are great if you want to recreate the classic look of European homes on your modern home. But as with all roofing options, there are pros and cons to clay.


Clay tiles can be quite expensive. On average, they cost $7-$8 per square foot, but can cost as much as $10! You also have the added cost of having to remove your old roof, whereas a metal roof can be installed right over your existing roof.


The longevity of a clay roof is unmatched. Many clay manufacturers will tell you they’ll last up to 50 years, but there are clay roofs all over Europe that have lasted well over 100 years. However unlike a metal roof, you’ll only get this kind of longevity if you maintain and care for your roof properly.


Where an asphalt shingle may blow off with high winds, it may take winds up to 125 mph to blow off a clay roof. However a metal roof won’t rip off even in the highest of winds.


Clay Tiles do require maintenance. They need to be inspected occasionally for any chips and cracks, as well as washed at least once a year so there’s no dirt build up that can trap water. Metal roofs are completely maintenance free. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning or inspecting your metal roof.

Canada’s Roofer offers Slate Metal Shingles. So you can get the look of a stone slate roof, but have the durability and low maintenance of a metal roof.

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