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When it comes to fixing the roofs, there are tons of work nuances that must be taken into account. Most of our customers tend to know some of them, so we always have a good deal of questions asked all the time. To make life easier both for our clients and for ourselves, we’ve compiled an ultimate list of the mist frequently asked questions, which is what you can see yourself on this page.

Q: Are metal roofs noisier than other roofs?

A: Based on tests with a decimeter, there is virtually no discernible difference between a metal roof and other roofing products with regard to noise levels in the living area.

Q: How long will my metal roof last?

A: You will never need to replace your roof again. Our products are backed by a Lifetime Non Pro-Rated Warranty.

Q: Does a metal roof attract lightning?

A: Lightning is attracted to the highest point, not necessarily metal. A metal roof has no greater chance of being hit by lightning than any other type of roof.

Q: Do I need to remove my old roof?

A: Most households in Canada have traditional shingle roofs which must be replaced every 10 years. Which creates a lot of waste. Therefore we normally installing your steel roof over existing shingles; saving time, money and eliminating waste.

Q: Will hail damage a metal roof?

A: Hail will not penetrate a metal roof like it will penetrate other roofing materials. In the most severe case, the various styles and finishes available in metal roofing can help camouflage potential cosmetic damage.

Q: How will a steel roof installation help my attic ventilation?

A: The ventilation in your attic is very important. By installing a Canada’s Roofer steel roof you will feel an improvement in the heating and cooling of your home by 1/3. The windows and doors in your home will last longer. Lastly, you will have no mould or mildew in your attic as a steel roof is properly insulated.

Q: Can I do the work myself?

A: Though it may be tempting to try and do the work all on your own, most work should not be done yourself. Professional roofing contractors are meant to safely and efficiently repair or replace roof systems. Also, that may be a bad idea as with little to no practical experience in the matter you can damage your roof system by using improper roofing techniques and severely injure yourself by falling off or through the roof.

Q: Why should I get a metal roof instead of traditional materials?

A: Metal roofing is one of the most practical roofing materials on the market today and is Sustainable Green Building. It offers a long-life alternative to problem-plagued roofing materials such as asphalt, clay, wood and slate.

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