Should You Change Your Roof?

Metal Roof Change

Should You Change Your Roof?

Most homeowners don’t even realize they need a new roof until they start seeing very obvious warning signs such as leaking or falling shingles. But what are some other warning signs that you may be due for a new roof?

How old is your current roof? Most experts agree that a typical roof will last between 20 and 25 years. If the roof was installed over another layer or several layers and it is older than 20 years, chances are you need a new roof.

Weathered Shingles
Curling or clawing shingles are a sign of an aging roof system. Curled or clawing shingles are highly susceptible to wind uplift and ice damage. Shingles will become rigid and can break easily and lose tab edges.

Damaged Flashing
Flashings located around skylights, valleys, eaves, rakes, wall details, stacks, and chimneys are all subject to separation, lifting, and dried out caulking. The flashing details can lift and separate due to general expansion and contraction. Expansion and contraction will cause fasteners to become loose and the bottom-flashing flange to lift thus allowing water to enter.

Missing or Broken Shingles
Two common causes of damaged shingles are excessive wind and physical damage. Missing or broken shingles significantly weaken a roof’s ability to shed water, which can lead to water damage and a leaky roof.

Bare Spots and Missing Granules
There are many reasons for granules to be washed away, such as poorly placed downspouts, lack of eaves troughs or poorly designed drainage on your second storey.
Aging of a roof or physical damage can also cause bare spots and a loss of granules. When the protective granules of a shingle are lost the shingle begins to harden from heat and sun exposure. This will accelerate aging and shingle decay and can become an entry point for water.

Light Shining Through the Roof Boards
Check your attic to see if there is any daylight coming through the roof boards. Also check for moisture in the insulation. If you see daylight coming through your roof boards, or see indications of moisture in the insulation. It might just be time for a new roof.

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